Our Partner Network

Quality, not quantity

When it comes to executing your strategy, we see our customers spend (a lot of) time shortlisting and evaluating vendors, thus delaying business benefits realisation.

With preferential relationships and contacts with our network of proven partners, we significantly reduce the turnaround time for vendor selection and get the vendors onboarded rapidly (typically within 4 weeks).

All partners in our preferred network will work with customer internal procurement and compliance processes, and come highly recommended by their customers.

Enterprise Solutions
  • Finance (ERP, Expense, FP&A)

  • HR (HCM, Payroll, Benefits. L&D)

  • Revenue management (CRM, CPQ, CLM)

  • Leased and Serviced offices

Business Process and Data
  • Workflow management

  • Hire to Retire management

  • Data aggregation and transformation

  • Data Migration

End-user solutions
  • Office / G-suite

  • Project Management tools

  • Design and Editorial applications

  • E-signatures

End-user Computing
  • Windows / Apple devices

  • Mobile Phones

  • Device Imaging

  • End-point management

Infrastructure & Services
  • Networks and Internet connectivity

  • Asset management

  • Helpdesk

  • IT Service Management (incl. 24x7)

Our growing list of global partnerships...

Product Development and Outsourcing
  • Software Product Development in Europe

  • Software Product Development in Asia

  • Business Process Outsourcing (non-voice)

  • System Integrators

If you are looking to buy a new product or service, book a no-obligation meeting with us or drop us a message.

Don't see what you are looking for? Our partners network are growing and we can surely connect you to a vendor that will fulfil your needs.